What's in it for me?

By Jack Zerby

"What's in it for me?". This simple question runs through your markets head anytime they see an ad, get a cold email, or consider any purchase from you.

They don't care how great you are, they don't care how many features your product has, and they definitely don't care how excited you are to tell them about it. They are tuned in to one radio station at all times: WYFM (What's In It For Me). If you're not crystal clear about how your audience can benefit from what you're telling them, they'll flat-out ignore you.

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, your audience is incessantly bombarded with braggadocious, self-serving marketing. So how do you cut through all this noise and get their attention?
Focus on them...their pains, problems, frustrations, dreams, goals, desires and fears. Get their attention first, tell them interesting facts, paint a picture of their future desired state, and them ask them to take action to get it. All through the art of words...aka copywriting.

These copywriting principles are decades old, so instead of getting the watered down version from the latest internet guru, what if you could learn from the original creators? These creators didn't have fancy marketing automation tools, advanced website tracking scripts and retargeting ads. They had typewriters, paper and an envelope. Even with their limited toolset, they still managed to sell hundreds of millions of dollars of products and services.

If you'd like to find out how they did it, and how you can apply these timeless principles to your marketing, then I urge you to buy this course.

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When I first discovered these principles, it was like seeing the matrix for the first time.

I suddenly started seeing bad marketing everywhere. From billboards with no-benefit headlines and no clear CTA, to emails that have more "I's" than "you's", I realized how many business don't realize how important copy is.

I've been using and teaching these principles for years, and here are some examples of how I've applied them:
  • Teaching over 33,000 students on Skillshare
  • Landed an amazing gig as a designer at Gumroad
  • Build 2 startups with a combined userbase of 1mm
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The four core copy skills you'll need to succeed

Chapter 1: Copywriting

In this chapter you'll understand what copywriting is and where it can be applied. You'll be introduced to legends like John Caples, Gary Halbert and Dan Kennedy.

Chapter 2: Frameworks

Want to learn to write convincing copy anytime anywhere with lighting speed and efficiency? Use proven frameworks that are like madlibs for marketing.

Chapter 3: Headlines

How do you get your audiences attention? A head-turning headline packed with curiosity, benefits or fear of loss. Everything starts with the first line.

Chapter 4: Features & Bennies

Features are what the product does, but benefits are what it does for them. Learn how to create advantage-driven lists of features that solve their problems.

12 immediately actionable video lessons

Chapter 1: Intro

Course overview
Intro to copywriting
Understand Your Market

Chapter 2: Frameworks

Frameworks overview
Framework principles
Using Counterintuitive Reasoning

Chapter 3: Headlines

Purpose of headlines
Headline frameworks
Headlines in context

Chapter 4: Features and Benefits

How to write features and benefits

Chapter 5: Conclusion

Short vs. long copy
Improving your skills

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This is probably one of the best courses I have ever taken. The teacher was so organized and the projects actually are helpful. He definitely put me in the right direction.
- Naomi O
Really glad I found the time to sit through and take notes on this course. It's great for anyone looking to start copywriting and it's perfect review for those who've been in the industry for a while.
- Kenny A
This class is amazing! I'm just starting out, and all these examples and reading material provided are GOLD! Jack has a great way to explain things, everything is very clear.
- Guilherme
Really amazing course, love how clear and straight forward the teacher is, and let's not forget his great sense of humor too.
- Yannick
Course was short sharp and to the point. It may be geared towards the beginner, but the fundamentals and straight forward advice is what makes this course so engaging.
- Dean
Very engaging class. Jack supports his lessons with vibrant examples and clear objectives. Regardless of profession, very few people would go away from this course without learning something useful.
- Sarah
The course is respectful to the field and keeps you engage and thinking. Jack doesn't try to minimize and pack the topic into a digestible hour that promises to make you proficient in copywriting. Instead, Jack gives us the best introduction to copywriting.
- David
Simply brilliant all the way through. Funny that I stumbled upon Gary Halbert's 30-day copywriting challenge yesterday by accident (never heard of him before) and Jack mentions it at the very end of the course. Now I'm excited to really give it a go!
- Martin
Course was short sharp and to the point. It may be geared towards the beginner, but the fundamentals and straight forward advice is what makes this course so engaging.
- Dean
Just such a good class! You don't really think you'll learn anything useful about copywriting because you would think it's just english and basic writing skills + if you have a penchant for creative than you're set.
- Megan

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