We help startup founders create professional, head-turning, fund-raising slide decks

Over $100m has been raised with decks we’ve designed.

4 easy steps to a brand new deck in 2 weeks or less

We transform basic Times New Roman clip-art Powerpoints into clean, put-your-best-foot-forward presentations that will wow VC’s and angels all the way to the bank.


Kick off call to review your slides (30mins)

Our founder Jack will go through your entire deck with you to determine your requirements and overall vision.

Design & review 3 initial slide designs (~2 days)

This will give you a concrete idea of how the entire deck will look once finished. You can give us up to 2 revisions.

Design & review all slide designs (~5 days)

After we agree on overall direction in Step 2, our designers will then apply this approach to the remaining slides.

Final revisions and delivery (~5 days)

Our designers will work with you with up to 3 rounds of revisions, then deliver the final slides through Figma.

Common questions about how the process works

No surprises and no hidden costs

Do you offer help with the content?

Not currently, but we will be rolling out a service shortly that will provide you with expert advice on your deck. If you would be interested in this, please send us an email at jack @ doneforyoudecks dot com.

How will I give feedback on designs?

All feedback (after our initial kickoff call) will be posted via Figma comments. This allows our designers to read your feedback in one place and close out changes as they go. You'll have a real-time view at all times.

How will the final deck be delivered?

All designs will be delivered via Figma. No exceptions. Designing for all different versions of Powerpoint, Keynote, Microsoft Paint, CorelDraw is too complex and slows down the design process

Will you sign an NDA?

Absolutely. Every deck we work on is under an NDA, and you can be assured your decks will be private and not shared publicly for any reason. (this is included in the checkout process).

How long does the process take?

2 weeks is the typical turn-around time, but that depends on how many revisions and large changes there are during the process.

Do you do rush delivery?

No, we need ample time to make sure your designs are top quality, so please allow 2 weeks minimum turnaround time.

After pitching dozens of investors over the past 10 years, I know how "fun" the process can be...

From traveling 8 hours on a plane for one 45 minute meeting that ends "how can we be helpful?", to getting the same questions over and over again... "what about Google and Facebook?", "any revenue?" and "who else is in this round?", I know how to use design to help close deals. Having a well-designed deck helps communicate the narrative clearly and eliminates all distractions.
  • $8m dollars raised in my own companies
  • $100m+ raised using my deck designs
  • Employee #10 at Vimeo as Design Director
  • Design at Gumroad, Pentagram, Frog
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Ready to get your deck designed right now?

Find out more about our flagship service that's behind decks that have raised over $100m in funding. You will walk away with a beautiful, clean and head-turn deck that investors will love.
  • Up to 20 slides
  • 2 week turnaround
  • Up to 3 rounds of changes
  • Pixel-perfect designs via Figma


All spots are filled till February

Want actionable feedback on your deck?

Jump on a call with our founder Jack, and he'll go through your current deck slide by slide, and give you in-depth suggestions on structure, copy, design, and overall flow.
  • Review all slides in your current deck
  • Offer advice on slide density and design
  • Help with investor relations and pitching
  • Answer any other questions about pitchdecks

$250 for 1 hour

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